Monday, May 21, 2012

All is Good in the Giant Voice Brewery

Today is Monday.  Monday isn’t usually a brew day but since I worked my tail off in the yard over the weekend and today was a light day at work, I decided to make it a brew day.  I’m brewing a Saison.  I’m a big fan of Saison in the summer.  It will be a bit different since it will have 1 3/8 lbs. of sourwood honey and I plan on adding ½ gallon of blood orange juice to the secondary fermenter.  So we’ll have Bloody Honey Saison.  Today was good for another reason.  I recently purchased a refractometer to measure SG.  However, I was unaware that it is useless to measure FG without an OG measurement.  So there I was on the brew boards, asking why my FG of my Apricot Blond Ale was stuck at 1.024.  Today I discovered my mistake.  Measured the gravity with a hydrometer and got 1.011.  Right in the ballpark.  Guess I be bottling soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Welcome to the Panhandle Beer Snob.  This is Giant Voice, founder of the Giant Voice Picobrewery.  Last two beers brewed included an Alt and a Cream Ale, both named for Ratchet 33, a U-28 that crashed in Africa the day the Alt was brewed.  Right now, I have an Apricot Ale in secondary and next up, a Saison.

Get Brewing!